Arctic Char

Icelandic Farmed

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Arctic Char

Salvelinus alpinus
Omble chevalier
Trucha alpina


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Box Sizes
Cod, heads-on, gutted
44 lbs
Haddock fillets 12+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Ling fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Saithe fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Tusk Loin 120+, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Arctic char, heads on, gutted
33 lbs
Salmon, headless, gutted
22 lbs
Monkfish fillet 1000-1500 gr, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Striped Wolffish fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Spotted wolffish whole, gutted
22 lbs
Mackerel Whole, Fresh
22 lbs
Redfish fillet 120+g, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Plaice H+G
22 lbs
Lemon sole, H+G
22 lbs
Witch H+G
11 lbs
Greenland Turbot, whole, headless, gutted
22 lbs
Halibut, whole, H+G
22 lbs
Lumpfish fillets, s/off
11 lbs
Scampi, tails, in shell
11 lbs
Blue Ling fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Herring H+G
11 lbs
Senegal Sole H+G
11 lbs
Cod, headless, gutted
20 lbs
Back cut Haddock fillets, b/out, s/off
10 lbs
Arctic char fillet, b/out, s/on
11 lbs
Salmon fillets, farmed, b/out, s/on
22 lbs
Monkfish Cheeks
11 lbs
Striped Wolffish whole, heads on, gutted
33 lbs
Spotted wolffish fillets, b/out, s/off, PBO
11 lbs
Plaice fillets 6+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Lemon sole fillet 4+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Greenland Turbot , b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Halibut fillet, b/out, s/on
11 lbs
Scampi, tails, in shell
11 lbs
Cod fillets, b/out, SKIN ON
20 lbs
Monkfish Liver
11 lbs
Spotted wolffish heads
11 lbs
Cod fillets, b/out, s/off
20 lbs
Back cut Cod fillets, b/out, s/off
10 lbs
Cod loins 16+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Cod tails, b/out, s/off
20 lbs
Cod cheeks
11 lbs
Cod wings
11 lbs
Cod Carvings
12 lbs
Cod tongues
11 lbs
Cod bones
22 lbs
Cod roe
11 lbs
Cod milt (__ shirako) (__ iri)
11 lbs
Cod Swim Bladder (Maw, __/__)
22 lbs

Flavour Profile

Salties Arctic Char has a rich taste with a flavour profile between Trout and Salmon, with a fat content similar to Sockeye Salmon. The flesh is red, moderately firm with fine flakes, and cooks up pink. The skin is thin, delicate, easy to crisp up, and edible.

Flesh Colour
Cooking Methods

We highly recommend Smoking, Broiling, Pan Frying, Sautéing, Baking, BBQing, Steaming, and Poaching our Arctic Char

Monthly Availability


The Availability of our Arctic Char is steady all throughout the year.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100 gr.

Total Fat
11.8 g
Saturated Fat
2.02 g
Polyunsaturated Fat
2.87 g
Monounsaturated Fat
5.48 g
19 g
35 mg
352 mg
Total Carbs
0 g
Dietary Fibre
0 g
59 mg
9 mg
25 mg
Omega 3
4.12 g
Omega 6
0.64 g

Major Farming Areas

Our Arctic Char is farmed on the southern mainland of Iceland in flow through systems to ensure the health and quality of the Arctic Char. Wild Arctic Char does exist in Iceland, however commercial fishing of Char is limited. It is very popular to go fishing for Wild Arctic Char in the summer months with your own fishing rod and taking it home to cook.

Did you know...

Iceland is the largest producer of Farmed Arctic Char in the world. Its clean water and geothermal heat makes it a perfect location for raising this delicacy properly. Char is a fish that likes to socialize and to make sure it grows up healthy, a certain number of individuals is needed in each tank. They need friends, and a lot of them.

Did you know...

Common size of Farmed Arctic Charr is around 2 — 5 lbs and around 30 — 40 cm long.

Did you know...

Arctic Char has a very diverse menu to choose from. They eat flies, salmon eggs, snails, crabs, lobsters, zooplankton, shrimp, and fish anywhere from small to nearly a third of their own size. The shrimp it feeds on gives it the red colour that we find so appealing.

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