Atlantic Salmon

Icelandic Wild & Farmed

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Atlantic Salmon

Salmo salar
Salmón d'Atlántico


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Box Sizes
Cod, heads-on, gutted
44 lbs
Haddock fillets 12+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Ling fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Saithe fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Tusk Loin 120+, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Arctic char, heads on, gutted
33 lbs
Salmon, headless, gutted
22 lbs
Monkfish fillet 1000-1500 gr, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Striped Wolffish fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Spotted wolffish whole, gutted
22 lbs
Mackerel Whole, Fresh
22 lbs
Redfish fillet 120+g, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Plaice H+G
22 lbs
Lemon sole, H+G
22 lbs
Witch H+G
11 lbs
Greenland Turbot, whole, headless, gutted
22 lbs
Halibut, whole, H+G
22 lbs
Lumpfish fillets, s/off
11 lbs
Scampi, tails, in shell
11 lbs
Blue Ling fillet, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Herring H+G
11 lbs
Senegal Sole H+G
11 lbs
Cod, headless, gutted
20 lbs
Back cut Haddock fillets, b/out, s/off
10 lbs
Arctic char fillet, b/out, s/on
11 lbs
Salmon fillets, farmed, b/out, s/on
22 lbs
Monkfish Cheeks
11 lbs
Striped Wolffish whole, heads on, gutted
33 lbs
Spotted wolffish fillets, b/out, s/off, PBO
11 lbs
Plaice fillets 6+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Lemon sole fillet 4+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Greenland Turbot , b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Halibut fillet, b/out, s/on
11 lbs
Scampi, tails, in shell
11 lbs
Cod fillets, b/out, SKIN ON
20 lbs
Monkfish Liver
11 lbs
Spotted wolffish heads
11 lbs
Cod fillets, b/out, s/off
20 lbs
Back cut Cod fillets, b/out, s/off
10 lbs
Cod loins 16+oz, b/out, s/off
11 lbs
Cod tails, b/out, s/off
20 lbs
Cod cheeks
11 lbs
Cod wings
11 lbs
Cod Carvings
12 lbs
Cod tongues
11 lbs
Cod bones
22 lbs
Cod roe
11 lbs
Cod milt (__ shirako) (__ iri)
11 lbs
Cod Swim Bladder (Maw, __/__)
22 lbs

Flavour Profile

Salties Atlantic Salmon has a mild flavour, has medium fat content, and red flesh that that cooks up pink. The Farmed Salmon has a medium firm texture with large flakes. The Wild Salmon has firmer texture then Farmed and the flavour is considerably stronger.

Flesh Colour
Cooking Methods

We highly recommend Smoking, Broiling, Pan Frying, Sautéing, Baking, BBQing, Steaming, and Poaching our Atlantic Salmon.

Monthly Availability


The Availability of our Atlantic Salmon is steady all throughout the year. We do offer Wild Atlantic Salmon for select months of the year sourced from rivers by hand. The season for Wild Atlantic Salmon is typically in Jul/Aug/Sep

Nutrition Facts
Per 100 gr.

Total Fat
10.9 g
Saturated Fat
2.23 g
Polyunsaturated Fat
2.75 g
Monounsaturated Fat
5.02 g
20.1 g
40.4 mg
337 mg
Total Carbs
0 g
Dietary Fibre
0 g
66 mg
6.3 mg
23.4 mg
Omega 3
3.77 mg
Omega 6
0.68 g

Major Farming Areas

Our Farmed Atlantic Salmon is grown in ocean sites mostly within the Western Fjords of Iceland. The Wild Atlantic Salmon is caught using fishing rods in two rivers on the Southern part of Iceland. Salties has a trade-in system for foreign sport fishermen fishing in Icelandic rivers during the 3-month fishing season. In exchange for their Salmon, they get smoked fillets to take with them back home, and Salties can therefore bring this fantastic product to all our customers in the world to enjoy.

Did you know...

Unlike Pacific Salmon who die when they finish spawning, Atlantic Salmon return to the ocean but no-one knows where they go. When they then return around 2 years later, they somehow know exactly where to go and how to get there.

Did you know...

Common size of Farmed Atlantic Salmon is around 17 lbs and Wild Atlantic Salmon is around 15 — 30 lbs, both can reach a length of 75 cm. The longest wild Atlantic Salmon ever caught was 160 cm long, and the heaviest was 109 lbs.

Did you know...

Atlantic Salmon eat many things, including flies, small fish, and Salmon eggs. Once they are grown they begin to eat squid, sand eel, herring, and Arctic Shrimp. Arctic Shrimp has colouring in their shells that cause the Salmon flesh to turn red.

Farming Method

The cold and clear seawater around the coast of Iceland makes Salties Farmed Atlantic Salmon exceptional in terms of health and sustainability. In the Wild, Atlantic Salmon eat Arctic Shrimp which colour their flesh red. The feed that is given to our Salmon includes Arctic Shrimp as well as other marine species that are part of their natural diet. Through this feed, and not using any antibiotics whatsoever, allow our Salmon to stay healthy and remain as natural as possible. The ocean sites are placed in different fjords, at great distances from each other to reduce biological hazards and diseases from affecting the populations.

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