About Us

Our Mission

To connect families with those that provide them with the best sustainable seafood.

Our Values

The heart of Salties is guided by our belief in equality, transparency, family, and diligence.

Our Vision

To inspire and implement solutions for sustainable fishing.

Our Accountability

Our guiding principle is to supply the absolute freshest, and truly the best seafood that you deserve.

We are Salties

Since 2016

Sustainability and traceability are important values and qualities that are to be taken seriously as mislabelling and dwindling fish stocks are news that are heard all too often.

Our vision is to inspire and implement solutions for restaurants, stores, markets, and wholesalers to benefit from - one of those solutions developed by us is  our very own strict traceability program. With the program the products you are buying from us are traceable to the source with complete transparency. We source only from sustainable fisheries and we have proudly grown to be a trusted name in the seafood market.

We are a company that loves to innovate, improve, and explore opportunities that help us on our mission as well as aligns with our values. While we have been focusing on Icelandic fisheries due to their sustainable practices, we are currently working on partnering with select Canadian fisheries who meet our standards and those of our customers.

If you feel that your products can be a good fit for our customers, feel free to Contact us.

The Origin of our name
Salties [sawl-tees]
Noun, Canadian Slang
1. Ocean going fishermen
2. Ocean going ships that
enter theGreat Lakes via the
St. Lawrence Seaway.

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